Stage 1 – Consultations
Before your Initial Consultation


Prior to your first appointment, you will be sent a comprehensive Health Questionnaire to provide Margie with a detailed history regarding your general health, past and present, information on your current diet as well as details of any symptoms and your desired outcomes. 

Any previous test results from doctors or other clinicians are welcomed and help paint the picture of your unique situation.

This will ensure that you get the most from your first appointment and should be emailed in to at least 24h prior to it. 


Your First Consultation


Your first appointment takes from 90 minutes, but please allow 2 hours.  Using your questionnaire as a base, we will further explore the significant issues arising. 

Muscle Response Testing is used to identify the most important issues to be addressed at that time. 


At the end of the session you will leave with further action to be taken, with the aim of addressing your health goals.  There will be a list of remedies for addressing your most important issues symptoms.  There may be a list of foods to avoid temporarily and dietary adjustments.


Occasionally, additional functional tests may be necessary to add relevant information and to bench-mark your starting point.

The aim is always to help each client achieve an optimal level of wellness using careful and individualised dietary and lifestyle modification.

If I discover or suspect a condition which requires medical intervention, I will refer you to your GP.

Further Appointments


Allow 60 minutes for subsequent appointments.  These are to follow up progress, again using muscle response testing to prioritise issues.   It will also re-establish your health goals (which can change!). 

Stage 2 – Diagnosis, Testing, Interpreting Test Results, leading to Programme of Actions


After a consultation, you will receive an email outlining agreed objectives and a record of our session.  It will also include a list of actions - whether it be dietary changes, remedies or recommended tests to provide further necessary information. 

Laboratory Testing
Testing is an integral part of your diagnosis; we only recommend testing when necessary and use only fully accredited laboratories that are based in the UK. Testing allows us to analyse scientifically the functions of your body’s organs and systems and is important for establishing accurately your unique situation.


Stage 3 – Commitment to You


The aim is to target your condition and to improve the quality of your health.  We are committed to remaining with you as your specialist until you feel that you are able to return to your everyday life with a sense of normality. You will be supported by monitoring of your progress through periodical consultations that are essential to get you onto the road to recovery.


So if you have found that your symptoms are not improving, or are at a loss regarding how to start your recovery, then please contact NRG Nutrition. If you would like to book an appointment, or find out more information, please contact us at



Margie Chavasse is a specialist in Nutritional Therapy and Muscle Response Testing.  Fees are as follows:

  • Initial Appointment: £90.00 (up to 1.5 hour)

  • Follow up appointments: £60.00 (up to 1 hour)

  • Additional Fees: Patient medical status reports requested for other doctors/specialists are charged by the hour.

  • Email Support:  is limited to fair & reasonable contact.

  • Other Costs: Laboratory testing & prescribed therapeutic supplements are at an additional cost.  Laboratory testing fees vary, depending upon the tests undertaken.

  • Appointment Cancellation and Booking Policy: In advance of your consultation, considerable time is spent preparing for your meeting and reviewing your case notes. It is therefore reasonable to assume that when you book an appointment you genuinely plan to attend on the agreed date and time. For this reason we reserve the right to charge in full for missed appointments, cancellations or postponements giving less than 24hrs written or verbal notice.  These terms may vary from time to time.


As part of your consultation process, private diagnostic laboratory testing may be recommended to support diagnosis and therapy.  Only highly accredited laboratories are recommended. Over 100 laboratory tests are available to the clinic which provides independent evidence and reports of your health condition.

Private laboratory testing offers highly sophisticated, highly sensitive and accurate testing unavailable through normal NHS testing. For example the “Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis” is a non invasive stool test which investigates all systems of the digestive system including pathogenic bacteria, parasites, absorption, digestion and inflammatory gut markers. Other tests such as the “Optimum Nutrition Profile” may be used as a preventative measure to identify early deficiencies and imbalances before chronic conditions and disease develops.

Private diagnostic testing really does offer the most effective analysis of your body's systems and can provide a cost-effective short-cut to relevant action.