Regain the Healthy Life you Deserve

Millions of women struggle every day with problems like Low energy, unexplained weight gain, and dull moods, yet too often pharmaceutical drugs are thought to be the only available options.


Hormones—the chemical messengers of the body—influence every single process in our bodies: they govern our growth, weight, and energy, as well as fight stress and anxiety, relieve depression, and maintain personal drive.

Get ready to go on an Un-Diet

Created by a qualified Nutritionist, the Hormone Happy Health Plan is a virtual 4-week programme that teaches you how to get healthy without calorie counting or feeling hungry.  

What Sets this Plan Apart?

  • The Plan focuses on your Hormones, particularly those closely linked to your metabolism - get these right and many other health-related issues will disappear.

  • It will teach you how to control these hormones, rather than them control you.

  • It will help you through the tough times so it becomes natural to have better balance with your hormones

  • This will mean reduced mood swings, more energy, more vitality

What Does it Involve?

  • The Plan takes seven key metabolism-related hormones, one by one, tackling each over three days.

  • You will receive a daily email, each one focusing on one hormone.

  • You will have online support as you need it.

  • Each third day another specific hormone will be introduced, which will be influencing your ability to shift weight and your mood.