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I firmly believe that it is possible to get all nutrients one needs for good health from one's diet.  BUT sometimes we do need help in regaining proper balance in our gut, liver and bodies.  And supplements can play an important supporting role, aiding you to better health more quickly than diet alone.

The Hormone Happy Health Plan works with you to move towards this ideal state.

Nutritional Supplements

It is important to buy high quality, if you are using supplements.  Knowing what is and what isn't good is impossible to work out by simply reading the packet. The value of a product to your body is much more than just the headline ingredients.  So these are brands that I feel comfortable recommending:

  • Nutri

  • BioCare

  • Arbonne

15% Disount Voucher on Supplements

If you wish to use supplements, here is a gift of 15% off your orders through,

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