I had forgotten what "feeling well" really is.

Sometimes we leave things for so long that we forget what feeling really well means. We get used to the status quo and having IBS for years on end, bloating and tiredness and even anxiety become part of every day life. 

Or so I believed until I asked Margie for her help! 


I am writing this account a couple of months on, having sent Margie two samples of hair and having been diagnosed with various different things from her, some of which came as a total surprise and I can honestly say that my life has been changed by her approach and remedies. I have been taking drops and pills and squirts of liquids in my mouth called all sorts of fascinating names and the results are astonishing. Literally astonishing. 


All of what I have discussed with Margie makes so much sense and she has managed to make me let go of my negative emotions as well as completely cured my stomach problems. It’s miraculous. So I want to thank her so so much and would recommend everyone to get in touch and let Margie sort out your life from the “inside out” because it is so worth it!


I can’t remember feeling so well since I was in my twenties and it is not simply the physical side that Margie is able to help you with but also very much your emotional one too. She treats you in a true holistic way. 

Ms NH April 2021

I have battled with fatigue and skin complications for about 6 years now, with a lot of time and money spent trying to get to the root of the issue.


Margie's thorough and meticulous examinations of my symptoms, lifestyle, environmental and product habits really impressed me, whilst her personable and friendly manner made me feel totally at ease and comfortable despite never having met her. 


After a detailed phone consultation, Margie took a day or two to draw up her professional recommendations suggesting foods to avoid, supplements and products to remove or introduce into my routine. 


After using her recommended facial products for a week my skin started to clear up noticeably.


I cannot thank her enough for her time and valuable advice and I am so excited to continue working with her to further improve my energy levels. 
I cannot recommend her enough!

Ms AT, May 2017

"I cannot recommend her enough!"

"My hair is growing!"

Just been to the hairdressers, they went in to a conflab over my hair, thinking it was breaking off, when they called the chief to come and have a look, she said its not breaking off its new hair, something she hadn’t seen before.   They asked what i had been doing different, so I told them about you.

Thank you x

Jane April 21

Just had to tell you, returned home with a lightness of spirit I haven’t experienced for years, truly grateful.

Ms R Oct 2020