Case Study on Thyroid

A client first came exhausted, working but relying on her husband to drive her to work.  Her hair was falling out, her weight ballooning and when we first spoke she could barely string a sentence together.  She felt very 'fuzzy-headed' and scared that she didn't know what to do to improve her health. 


We tested her thyroid hormones and antibodies and found some were seriously beyond normal range. 
A protocol of actions was set in place, explained in my report, removing some foods from her diet, as well as adding a lot more to it.  Supplements were advised and have been tweaked as her health has improved over the months. 


7 months later, her doctor retested her thyroid hormones and found they were in the optimal range. Energy is back, brain fog is gone, 2st of weight has gone, blood pressure normal.  

She has been able to return to playing badminton, long walks, gardening and enjoying her family, a situation she didn't dare dream about at the start of the year.